About Us


It's not about us, it's about you!

We are Crewe web designers & marketers Jill and Laura.  J -Lau Associates is a family run business and was born in 2016.

Our Mission is to Change the World One Website at A Time

Before starting the business we decided to work on not only our design skills, but  also our copywriting skills.

Yes, we studied Buyer Psychology – we understand what your client wants!

This is where we can really help you!

We realised after doing hours of research, that many business owners weren't satisfied with the content and writing on their websites; even with the best technology, if you aren’t offering a solution to a problem, the potential client will go elsewhere.

We are here to spread the word that your website is your shop window and needs to connect with your customer - just like building a rapport with someone you want to do business with when networking.

It's all about KNOW, LIKE and TRUST and we get that!

We bring a combination of experience to the table.

  • Sales and marketing
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Medical background
  • University and study
  • House renovation
  • Juggling life and family!

This all helps us to understand you and your clients better.

Because of her medical background and her belief in a healthy life-style, Jill has a particular interest in:

So if you need web design, let us help you today!